How do I interrupt my studies?


In order to interrupt your studies, you first need to have a conversation with your course leader to identify whether you would be able to return to study next year.

The course administrator (found in the campus registry office) will then be able to give you a ‘Change of Status’ form to start the process. Before you fill the form, it may be useful to make an appointment with Student Services or alternatively, pop into the Students' Union to have a chat with you about making a decision and filling the form.

After you have filled the form, take it back to campus registry and they will pass it on to your course leader to be authorised. The registry will then pass it on to student records to amend your student record and to liaise with third parties, for example Student Finance England to update them on your status. The time to process the change to status form can vary depending on how busy the registry is with enrollment and other busy periods, so please bare that in mind!

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