Grounds for appeal



A student may appeal against an assessment outcome in relation to:

  • The mark or result of an individual assessment component and/or the mark or result of a whole unit.
  • The final award/degree classification.


Before making an appeal, consider whether your case falls under one or more of the following:

  • That there has been significant administrative or procedural error on the part of the University which has materially disadvantaged you as a student, such that had it not been for the error the decision of the Board would probably have been substantively different
  • That a student’s assessment performance was adversely affected (including as a result of non-submission) by circumstances outside the student’s control (mitigating circumstances) and which the student was unable, or for valid reason(s) unwilling, to divulge to the Board before the Board of Examiners reached its decision, such that the student was materially disadvantaged and had it not been for those circumstances the student’s performance would have been significantly better (or, in the case of non-submission, the student would have been able to make a full submission) and the decision of the Board would, as a consequence, have been substantively different


PLEASE NOTE: Disagreement with academic judgment does not constitute grounds for appeal. Travel or financial difficulties cannot be used as grounds for an appeal.

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