How to avoid plagiarism?



The most effective way to avoid an accusation of plagiarism is to reference correctly using the Harvard system, making sure to cite all of your sources and have a bibliography at the end of your work.

  • Use quotation marks around the words and cite the source, or
  • Paraphrase or summarise acceptably and cite the source.

Plagiarism can be intentional or unintentional so be careful to reference all your sources. You can use a Reference Management App to help you.

Referencing correctly is a skill which takes time to develop. If you need help or support with referencing and improving your academic skills, book an appointment with your Learning & Teaching Librarian by contacting the Gateway.

If you are worried about, or have received a letter regarding plagiarism in your work, please contact the Students’ Union as soon as possible. You can contact us via or you can contact our Advice and Representation Coordinator Molly New directly at

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