How can I help someone being bullied?


Depending on the nature of the bullying or harassment and the wish of the recipient, complaints may be taken through informal or formal procedures.

  1. Don’t join in! Bullies love an audience don’t give them the satisfaction.
  2. Stand up for the person if it’s safe to do so.
  3. Tell Someone – If at work you could tell a senior manager, if at university you can tell the Student Union.

Informal procedure

In the first instance, students who feel that they are being subjected to harassment or bullying are encouraged to resolve the matter informally. In some cases it may be possible and sufficient to explain clearly to the person(s) engaged in the unwanted activities that the behavior is unwelcome, that it offends or makes them uncomfortable. A friend may support with this, or contact the counselling services or the Union by emailing An informal facilitated meeting could be arranged.


Where the steps outlined above are unsuccessful or inappropriate, the student should raise the matter in confidence with their Course Leader or alternatively, the matter may be raised with the Head of School.


The Course Leader or Head of School will discuss the matter with the student and agree a course of action. The student may be accompanied by a representative of the Students’ Union or a friend at these meetings. The person allegations are made against will also have these rights.

Confidentiality will be observed in all cases and throughout the procedure and the need for any disclosure of the details of the case will be discussed and agreed.


Formal Procedure

If the situation cannot be resolved informally or if the informal process is not appropriate then the complainant has the right to pursue their complaint formally using the appropriate stages of the Student Complaints Policy found on the website.

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