6 things to improve your mental health

  1. Talk. -Talking about your day, your feelings and emotions. This can help you stay focused and improve you mental health. Talking about bad memories or even something that happened in your day can often allow you to reflect on how it happened and make you feel less ‘in your head’ about it.
  2.  Eat well. The brain needs the nutrients and vitamins. You get from food to stabilise your organs, and hormones in your body. This doesn’t mean you have to go on a diet. Rather adapt what you are eating to have a healthy balance. This may include:
  • fruits and vegetables
  • cereals and breads
  • seeds and nuts
  • dairy products
  • oily fish.

Most importantly make sure to drink plenty of water. Water is used for a variety of functions in the body and drinking water and eating right can have a long lasting effect on your mental                      health.

3. Be sensible with alcohol consumption. Often, we drink in celebration, or loneliness. When some people drink it temporarily affects their mood. Drinking is not a long term solution to stabilise your mental health. 

4. Keep active. Not everything active has to involve a gym. However, regular exercise boosts self-esteem and produces endorphins making you feel better. Exercise has a significant benefit keeping all your organs including the brain towards improving your mental health

5. Keep in touch with humanity:We all know how easy it is to communicate via messenger, but there’s nothing better than catching up with someone face to face, Skype, and phone call. Keep you communication lines open!

6. Ask for help. We have to accept that none of us are ‘perfect’ we are not superhuman. We all get tired and overwhelmed when things don’t go to plan. So if you need help ask. You can ask the Union or the listening post or even a friend or family member. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, rather a sign of independence.

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